AKDMX - Revolutionary Decentralised eLearning System


Most people are unable to realize their full potential because of obstacles including inequity, geography, and unusual learning styles. Not everyone can afford to pursue a good education. That`s why we created AKDMX, the first blockchain e-learning platform who empowers every individual to grow professionally and personally.

AKDMX is an independent Web3 Blockchain Platform that support DAPPs and worldwide payment systems.

We are helping ambitious people deliver excellence in today`s rapidly changing workplace by offering on-demand e-learning content, through a powerfull digital content marketplace.

Our mission is to disrupt the traditional education system and to empower millions of people to learn new skills and grow professionally and personally.

The first blockchain-based eLearning academy is being built by a AKDMX DAO (Descentralized Autonomous Organization), where users may vote, play, learn or AKDMX coins. We are building a secure web3 decentralized platform, where individuals own their complete data and monetize their skills and knowledge. We are providing live and on-demand learning content via a powerfull digital content marketplace. AKDMX is the perfect tool who assist ambitious individuals in delivering excellence in today's quickly evolving workplace.

To thrive in the new web3 era, AKDMX is set to disrupt the traditional education system, creating new teaching environments and learning procedures.

It provides highly regarded online training in a variety of subjects, including Marketing & Promotion, Social Media & Networks, Web & Development, Health & Fitness, Productivity & Self Help, Business & Making Money, etc. It is a new economic structure that enables people to vote, play, learn, teach, and make money. It offers the chance to generate passive income utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology.

The AKDMX initiative will will develop over time in response to community needs and as the core team will vote. We have start to upgrade the project by adding several cutting-edge features including gamification, the Play-Learn-Earn Game, and integrate AI and blockchain technology into the AKDMX core platform.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) diplomas would be generated to users in the form of certificates of completion . AKDMX DevTeam will enhance the features of NFTs in the next few months. Users will be able to prove advanced-level skills and knowledge by showcasing their NFT diplomas on a Wall-Of-Fame.

Numerous new features are being developed as the web3 market expands. In the modern era, players enjoy more play and earn systems completing various missions and goals. Future game systems from AKDMX will also be released based on the Play-Learn- Earn System. By utilizing such features, our community would be able to advance through the gamification stages and earn progressively more income.

In the future society, everyone will have access to what they need through a sustainable network. Everyone will have access to wealth-building techniques that were previously exclusively available only to "the wealthy ones" giving them control over their finances.

Our goal is to transform the conventional educational system and give millions of individuals the tools they need to develop on proffesional and personal level. Our platform is built for evolutionary education and aims to empower students all across the world. The goal of AKDMX Project is to leverage decentralized blockchain technology to make eLearning simple and available to everyone while also giving users and creators a platform for building a revolutionary passive income source. It links people from worldwide to our autonomous educational network, which is built on a blockchain descentralised network.

By enabling users to profit from affiliate programs, gamification, NFTs, Metaverse Courses with GameFi tournaments, and trading within its own marketplace while keeping their privacy, security, authority, and autonomy, AKDMX network will develop an all-in-one platform to draw more people to digital assets. It is anticipated that AKDMX would build a robust decentralized environment with appropriate monetary regulations.

The fact that Metaverse is being built in a hybrid, guided-play setting that reflects the learning of the future, allows us to access this profound, transferrable learning system that will last a lifetime. The Virtual Reality technology provide access to amazing new avenues for utilising learning solutions in a larger environment. Corporate Learning and Development (L&D) is best served by a digital environment where users can interact, collaborate, analyze, practice, and solve problems together, because it equips learners with the resources they need to be successful while also empowering and enabling them to take charge of their learning.

AKDMX include already VR tools to advance, collaborate, and offer an advanced eLearning ecosystem. With the help of VR Glasses, students can fully immerse themselves in the experience of a virtual classroom. They participate in active learning as a result, and they interact closely with their professors. To maximize student engagement, all activities—lectures, workshops, projects, examinations, and seminars take place in real-time. Virtual reality (VR) is a fantastic method for teaching both academic and practical information in the classroom. Because it enhances students' operational skills, offers an immersive learning environment, and promotes active class participation, learning becomes more enjoyable and engaging.

The size of the worldwide metaverse market was expected to be 38.85 billion dollars in 2021. This is anticipated to increase to 47.48 billion US dollars in 2022, and then to 678.8 billion US dollars by 2030. The metaverse, which is thought of as the next version of the internet, is the intersection of the real and virtual worlds.

Because of the operation of significant industries like Facebook Inc., which is now Meta, North America is anticipated to experience a dramatic increase throughout the projection time. The Asia-Pacific market is expected to be very large as well, which can be attributed to the region's consistent economic growth and the growing digitalization of major countries like China and India. The Asia-Pacific area has seen rapid technological breakthroughs that have received increasing backing from government agencies, tech titans, and entrepreneurs.

During the forecast period, Europe is anticipated to grow at the greatest compound annual growth rate (CAGR). This is mostly attributed to the growing user base on social media platforms and in the gaming industry. The growing online gaming business in major European nations including the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, and others is what is driving the European market.

Opportunities for students, teachers, and everyone else are expanding in various ways as the platform matures. Investors offer their community members a variety of resources to broaden their horizons and improve their wealth in various ways. In addition to caring for its community, AKDMX team works to provide a variety of opportunities for its users to profit the most from its affiliate program. Join the AKDMX affiliate program for many opportunities to expand your wealth if you are passionate about create new sources of income and want to do so effortlessly.

By creating blogs and articles, using your social media accounts, and inviting your family and friends, you may advertise AKDMX courses and start making money by simply filling out our form, after which you will receive your affiliate links. You can promote AKDMX using those links and earn passive income.

AKDMX offers up to 50% commission on each sale with no limit AKDMX coins withdrawal. You will be able to grow your finances and create a new source of income. If a customer keeps buying our various products, we won't let you lose your affiliate commission. As a result of your affiliate link, the customer will be exposed to a cookie, which will actively track any subsequent transactions for 30 days.

Due to the lack of previous experience in this area, providing people living in poverty in developing nations with financial literacy is not only intriguing but also a significant task. Low literacy rates amongst many of the target groups present difficult challenges, not only in defining the content of the learning activities but also in determining the appropriate delivery vehicles for the education. This is a problem because it makes it more difficult to reach the target population. Behavior modification is the goal of providing instruction on financial matters. Therefore, the objective of market research is to determine the factors that will result in changes in behavior. It looks to gain an understanding of the following things:

  • The present financial plans, objectives, and methods employed by the poor.
  • The financial knowledge, abilities, and attitudes of the poor about the usage of financial services.
  • Future financial objectives and potential routes to achieve them.
  • The most effective pedagogical strategy for financial literacy will result in behavior modification.

Market research responds to this challenge by seeking to answer two key questions:

  1. What to teach? (Content)
  2. How to teach? (Pedagogy)

Financial literacy market study examines both the content and methodology of instructional products. The emphasis is on what clients wish to learn (content) and how they wish to study it (method) (delivery). Matching the content and delivery to the requirements and capabilities of the intended audience is crucial.

A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization will be in charge of governing the AKDMX platform (1 AKDMX token = 1 VOTE) complete decision-making power rests with the users. We will have access to several member-only perks because this ecosystem is community-driven and supports an educational setting. We'll create a community fund whose main objective will be to provide money for new businesses, the purchase of NFTs, digital assets, and other endeavors.

Access to our NFTs Play2Earn games and GameFi competitions will be available to DAO members. Members will also be able to vote on the use of community money, the approval of business finance, joint ventures, investments, and the choice of other assets, such as exchange, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. All DAO members will be given a specific equity stake in all business endeavors that the DAO engages in. Voting members will also have specified equity participation in Joint Ventures and authorized business funding contracts. Members will also get unique access to benefits like airdrops, discounts on merchandise, whitelisting on new projects, and much more.

The following characteristics of the AKDMX DAO framework: Holders of AKDMX ecosystem governing tokens now have the option to submit "proposals," which are then put to the community's vote to make decisions. A proposal's status will change to "executed" if it has been approved by the community through voting. A plan's status will be changed to "defeated" if it is unsuccessful. It directs how players in the ecosystem make decisions. We at AKDMX want to challenge conventional governance frameworks of all kinds and challenge the way we think about governance.

  • Transparent
You put in the work, you get paid, unlike centralized businesses where pricing decisions are made behind locked doors. Pricing is determined based on the popularity of your course. The smart contract is open to the public, and anyone can check the code, making the platform transparent.  
  • Ownership
  Users the platform because it is run by smart contracts with no outside interference. There is zero danger of fraud because everything that is recorded on the blockchain is permanent.  
  • Decentralized Platform
  The Ethereum blockchain is used to construct AKDMX platform. Data recording and verification are made simple by blockchain, preventing fraud. Data loss is nearly unheard of because major blockchains have it available. Blockchains are decentralized, meaning the public as opposed to a centralized corporation owns the data.  
  • NFTs and tokenization
  The course developers will also receive payment in AKDMX coins, which can be used to purchase the course. NFTs are non-fungible records that could serve as certificates for designing or purchasing the course. The students receive NFTs in the form of certifications.

The information shared in this whitepaper is not all-encompassing or comprehensive and does not in any way intend to create or put into implicit effect any elements of a contractual relationship.

The primary purpose of this whitepaper is to provide users with pertinent information in order for them to thoroughly analyse the project and make an informed decision.

The information presented in this Whitepaper  may not be complete and does not constitute a contract of any kind between you and AKDMX.

AKDMX makes no representation or warranty that it has made any predictions or estimates or expectations based on any formula, mathematical or scientific modeling or forecast, or that it has made any forecasts or estimates in good faith.


AKDMX tokens can be purchased only from our private investment portal during the Private Sale. After the Private Sale is finished, the tokens can only be purchased from the authorised Exchanges.
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